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Photographing Your Child during the Holidays

5th Dec 2018

Children are one of the most popular subjects for photography especially during the Holidays. You don’t want to lose out on those precious moments, and photography is the best way of ensuring that. Here are a few tips to help you get the best photos possible:</p>

Make Taking Pictures of Your Children Fun for Everyone
Is there anything more painful than being forced to sit down, pose, and say “cheese?” Maybe we’re being a bit dramatic, but it’s rarely enjoyable, and it’s the last thing a child wants to do. But then how do you take pictures of them? Why not bring them somewhere fun: a park, the beach, the woods. You could even just let them play in their room. Let’s say you were a wildlife photographer. You wouldn’t catch a deer, dress it up, and make it pose in a chair, right? Why not apply that same line of thinking to our kids? With this in mind, a child’s natural habitat is any place where they’re having fun. Letting them run wild on playground equipment will not only result in unusual, interesting angles, but also plenty of natural smiles.

Plus, a natural setting can make for a beautiful background. Instead of sitting your kids down in front of the Christmas tree, why not let them play with it. Maybe have them decorate it, or open a few presents in front of it. The more fun your children are having, the better your pictures will be.

But really, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to photographing children. Just don’t be so serious about it. If you’re dealing with somebody very young, then try playing hide and seek behind the camera. Turn the LCD screen so that they can see themselves. It may inspire them to make silly poses which can make for great pictures. But of course, they’ll eventually settle down, and you’ll be able to get the calm shot you were hoping for.

And let’s not forget about props! A toy, a chair, the family cat - all of these can add to a photo. Years from now, when they’re all grown up, your children will look back on these pictures with fondness, recalling what made their childhood so special.

Above all, the most important thing is to be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for children to relax, and they are quick to pick up on your frustration.