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Our Story


If you live on Long Island there's a good chance you bought a camera, perhaps your first camera, from Berger Brothers...

We’re a camera store, not just an online digital camera retailer, or a department store with a camera department. We specialize in cameras, lenses and the things that go with them that you need in your quest for beautiful images. We hesitate to say we're old-fashioned, though in truth, there are certain things about us which are just that. We still believe in offering a good value, in standing behind the sale, and that courtesy and customer service comes first - that if you're happy here, so are we.

We can't count the number of professional photographers who fell in love with photography with a Berger Brothers camera, nor how many still shop with us, for our selection as well as our knowledge of the products.

Started in 1951, Berger Brothers originally sold sporting goods and musical equipment, but quickly switched to cameras when the first generation of Bergers discovered that photography was more fun. As the popularity of photography grew, we were there, helping people discover new methods and technology.

Once upon a time, you could go into a camera retail store, pick up a camera and talk to someone about that camera. We spent long hours leaning against the counters, making friends with people who shared our interest in photography. And the people behind the counter had the same dreams, shared that same sense of excitement, and yes, magic. Decisions were based on the advice of people we trusted, people who actually use the equipment themselves.

In 1973, the second generation of Bergers stepped to the front when Brad Berger took over the reins. Brad has expanded our inventory, but has never forgotten what the family drilled into him from an early age - customer service comes first. The Berger Brothers dream has never been to be the largest camera store in New York. Just the best.

An almost fanatical dedication to customer service

With so many choices, you need someone to trust with answers to your questions. Someone who'll remember you by name when you come back and is as excited about your images as you are.

We hire people who are nuts about photography, and young people who eat new technology for breakfast. Ask around the store what’s the best camera, or best brand of camera and not only will you get a lively discussion, but a passionate one. You'll hear in detail why Nikon mops the floor with Canon, why Canon is hands down the best, why Pentax is now and always will be the most innovative, and of how the name Leica will at times be spoken of in almost reverent tones.

Take a look at our courses and you’ll not only see classes in Photoshop CS4, but Lightroom, Nik Effects and other cutting edge programs. Still think 35mm, 120mm, or even 4x5 film is the way to go? You'll find people here who agree, and Berger Brothers is still a full service film camera store. And if you still have the camera your dad bought in the eighties, there's a good chance we can still service that too. After all we are now servicing our third generation of customers.

We’re eager to provide hands-on demonstrations, and guide you towards making the right purchase. Buying a camera can be baffling, and we're here to take the guesswork out of it.

As the grandchildren of their original customers now shop at Berger Brothers, the commitment to help you find the right product has never been stronger. And with the advent of the internet, we want to bring you the same service. We still think there isn't anything more fun than getting up in the morning and talking about cameras all day. If you're on Long Island, come by one of our stores and lean against the counter. Feel how the camera fits your hand, see the features up-close and ask your questions. If you're not, call us at toll-free at 800-542-8811, drop us an email, or chat online with one of our people, and you will experience the difference that puts us above the rest.

Meet our Staff




Brad is the Owner and President of Berger Bros. Camera, Video & Digital. He has been running the family business since he took over the reigns in 1973. He prides himself in bringing Berger Bros. customer's the best selection of cameras and digital electronics.

Berger Bros. also plays a major role in the Syosset business communities giving back whenever the need arises.

Dedicated to the family business, he works almost 24/7, but always makes time for family on weekends.

"I am committed to your Satisfaction! If you have a problem or question give me a call." - Brad Berger

Store: 516-496-1000
   Cell: 516-816-4921 (call 24/7)

Email: BradBerger@mac.com

Brad Berger


Doug has 30+ years of business, sales and promotional marketing experience. He has started and ran many businesses, including a media company, over the last 30 years.  Doug works in the front of the store selling our merchandise and taking customer calls. He is very involved with making sure our camera store runs smoothly and stays up to date.  He is always willing to help a customer find what they are looking for. 




Frank has had a passion for photography since his Dad gave him his 1st Kodak Brownie Camera. He is a professional photographer who specializes in Family and Children Portrait Photography. He has over 30+ years of sales experience. He also shoots Weddings and Events both in his own studio and on location. Frank can answer all of your Nikon questions! He is also a Berger Bros instructor for the Berger Bros Camera Digital School of Photography.





Francesca first became interested in photography when she took her first photo class in high school. She then got her bachelor's of science degree concentrating in film and digital photography. She loves developing and printing her photographs. Her favorite subjects are flowers, candid portraits, and her dog. She hopes to have her own personal developing station and darkroom one day.

She restores torn and any type of damaged photos back to their original glory. She scans slides, negatives, and photographs into either prints or digital copies. Every day she sees a little part of history from someone else's eyes. She transfers VHS tapes, VHS-C, 8mm tapes, mini dvds, mini dvds to dvd or usb. She is also the class coordinator, organizing and scheduling all of the classes. Her favorite part of the job is getting to see people's reaction when they get their restored or printed photos back. 



Ben has 10+ years of photo industry experience. His passion started when his older brother passed down his old Canon Rebel T2i to him. Ever since then, Ben has specialized in all fields of photography ranging from event, architectural and landscape photography. 

His career at Berger Bros started as a sales associate. Now Ben is in charge of purchasing used equipment and a repair specialist. Ben continues to freelance in not only photography but in videography and aerial works. If he's not working at a gig, you'll find him on top of a mountain capturing the shot with his trusty Canon!

His expertise in photography and videography has helped many people discover the passion that fuels him. Not only from beginners; to ones with over 20 years in the industry, there's always something new to capture the shot.
Ask for Ben any time you step into Berger Bros. 




Jonathan found his passion for photography when he tried using his mom’s Canon T3i, when he was 12. Over the years, he has grown his experience in the areas of landscape and portrait photography. In addition, to this he also specialized in drone aerial photography and videography. With his knowledge around Digital SLR and mirrorless cameras, he continues to help others find or fuel their passion for photography or videography. When he isn’t at Berger Bros. Camera or out pursuing his passion of photography, he is at Maritime College pursing a deck license as a Merchant Marine.




Thomas has been with Berger Bros for nearly two years. He became interested in photography by starting to make home movies with his canon T6. He is currently studying optics at a Stony Brook University while working in photography. In his free time he seeks to find the most interesting wildlife shots. Using his Canon 80D, he also has plenty of experience working with product photography as well.




During high school and collage, Nicole  took classes in photography  and graphic design and has been using various cameras to capture the world since the days of disposable cameras. Nicole has experience in designing worksheets for schools and art exhibition postcards.  She helps Berger Brothers Camera promote their classes, sales, and new product announcements as well as sending out the Berger Bros Newsletter. 




Cassie is a Fine Arts major, pursuing her Bachelor's degree at FIT. Her interest in photography began at a young age, with her eye for detail and developing a mood/ aesthetic through light and composition. She now utilizes her own photography as reference photos for her art including paintings, drawings and silkscreen prints. Her inspiration often comes from film stills and artists with a flare for dramatic lighting and a cinematic feel, like Nan Goldin and Alex Prager. 

Cassie's role at Berger Bros. includes scanning film, printing and restoring photos, transferring old tapes and assisting in organizing photography classes. 




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