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We offer rental equipment for many applications.

Camera Equipment:

  • Use an extra camera body for that important job that you want to make sure you have a backup in case your main body goes down
  • Have an extra camera body to use a different lens on instead of having to switch lenses while you are shooting.


  • Sometimes you aren't sure what lens to buy, so rent before you buy and half of the rental price can be used toward your purchase.
  • Maybe you can't justify purchasing a lens because the amount of use it would get doesn't seem practical. For instance suppose you need a powerful telephoto lens because your child made it to the state championships of some kind. The reality is you may only want that lens for that one event so it makes perfect sense to rent it instead of buying it.


Screens and Projectors

  • When you need to show an audience whether it is for work or home nothing beats seeing a presentation on a large screen with an LCD projector.
  • Screens range in size from 50"x50" up to 120"x120" with a variety of surfaces including, matte white, lenticular depending on your application.
  • Carousel projectors?
  • Super8, 8mm and 16mm?


Studio Lighting, backgrounds, background stands

  • If you are just starting out as a photographer, studio equipment can be costly especially if you do not have enough jobs booked to offset the cost of the investment. Leave it to us.
  • We have a variety of lighting types for rental including constant lights and strobe lighting.
  • We have many background to choose from including, seamless paper, muslin and painted backgrounds


Video equipment

  • Shooting video and editing has changed significantly over the years. Many people are shooting video with their DSLR's but there are many accessories that you need to shoot a professional video.
  • Microphones that are built in to the cameras have less than favorable results so it is recommended to use an external microphone to achieve optimum results. We offer many microphones fir rental including wireless and shotgun.
  • Lighting for video is often over looked but we suggest using LED lighting to get better color and contrast in your videos.

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