06/13/24 - Get to Know Your Canon

Berger-Bros Class

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June 13th


Zoom with Camera Product Educator Andrew Lai


Need to get more familiar with your new Canon camera? This basic Canon class will give you some practical understanding of your new camera and the Canon brand. Learn the different mounts and what lenses fit those mounts. We discuss menus as well as popular buttons and dials. You might even learn some Canon trivia along the way.  


This class is for consumer level customers who have purchased or received a Canon camera for the Holidays and wants to get more familiar with their new camera and Canon as a brand.


Call or email classinfo@berger-bros.com to register


Andrew Lai is a professional photographer and martial artist. He was a former employee at Unique Photo and recently started with Canon as a Technical Representative at the end of 2023. He has a vast knowledge of the Canon system and various workflows in the industry. He specializes in martial arts sports photography covering various tournaments and competitions for his fellow teammates and world renowned athletes.